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New Dates due to Snow! March 28-May 2nd  

“I came to the cleanse with no idea of what it would be.  This work has changed my perception of food, diet and eating.  It has changed my relationship to the food I eat and the liquids I drink, for the better.  I have more energy.  My weight dropped 20 pounds.  My blood pressure dropped significantly.  I am happy I did this work and plan to continue on this path.”  Hanan Isaacs November 2017

“The effects were noticeable in the first week.  This really opened my eyes to alternative ways of eating, and experimenting with new choices that are so healthy and delicious.  I was really pleased with the mental aspect of the cleanse first thing in the morning….a great way to start the day.”  November 2017

“Highly recommend Cleansing with Mahan Rishi. It was Mahan Rishi who got me off gluten and diary almost 15 years ago. This changed my life. What a journey its been. I joined Mahan Rishi’s Cleanse last March 2017 - 40 days - this way of eating continues on into 2018. Feel great. Lots of energy. Clear thoughts and direction. Creating better health starts in the kitchen. Not the gym. Forever grateful to Mahan Rishi and Nirbhe Kaur for their love, support and guidance. Waha Guru!!!!”  Julie Parrella Sill



Private One on One Meditation sessions are available with Dr Khalsa 

 Through these lessons you will learn the essential basics for creating a successful home practice of 
daily meditation

cost:  $125.00

l. The PURPOSE of our center is to help you REACH YOUR OPTIMUM HEALTH and experience the GREATEST SENSE OF WELL-BEING POSSIBLE.
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