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"The 21 Stages of Meditation Retreat offered me an experience of happiness I hadn’t ever felt (and I’m pretty upbeat)!  Taking the time out of regular living was well worth the investment of time and money to gain the color, depth and texture of my self in the company of timeless teachings and teachers.  As a group, we were held by and held each other in love through some challenging moments and were all deeply touched by our infinite well of strength. The collective wisdom of the teachers, practices and the land spoke volumes to offer a seemingly alchemical change in my brain and being!"  ~Prem Bhagti Kaur 




Private One on One Meditation sessions are available with Dr Khalsa 

 Through these lessons you will learn the essential basics for creating a successful home practice of 
daily meditation

cost:  $125.00

l. The PURPOSE of our center is to help you REACH YOUR OPTIMUM HEALTH and experience the GREATEST SENSE OF WELL-BEING POSSIBLE.
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