The Khalsa Healing Arts - Planetary Holistic Healing & Teaching
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“My son and I have been coming to Khalsa clinic for several years now. We believe in preventative maintenance for our health and overall well being. Dr. Mahan Rishi Singh is a wonderful chiropractor and doctor as well as a holistic care practitioner and healer. We love the nurturing and caring environment at Khalsa Healing Arts!" – Lisa E.
"I was terrified of going to a chiropractor to have my “back cracked.” What a surprise! Not only was the treatment gentle and relaxing, but my back seemed to adjust without any effort at all. Not only my back but my whole body feels better!" -A.J.S., Yardley, PA
"I have been to many doctors before and went many times and didn’t really feel much better. After my first session with Dr. Khalsa I felt I was really heard, and when I began implementing the things he suggested, I felt better immediately." – N.K., Princeton, NJ
"I never could have endured the recent loss of my daughter without the healing of Doctor and Mrs. Khalsa. Dr. Khalsa is not only a gifted Chiropractor but a gifted healer as well. If you desire wellness and wholeness, just allow these facilitators to do their work. The journey is beyond my greatest expectations. I’ve never felt so nurtured and cared for." – J.S., New Hope, PA
"When I arrived at Dr. Khalsa’s office, I was in extreme pain. I had been going to a doctor for five years and had the opportunity to read brochures in the waiting room on how Temporal  Mandibular Joint Pain could be managed. Dr. Khalsa lived up to the accounts of the literature and went far beyond them to initiate my healing. It seems almost a lifetime yet is only two years that I met this physician who could adjust my neck without further hurting my jaw, who helps me release what clenched my jaw in the first place, and who helped me fashion a healthier, happier life." – G.A.K., Trenton, NJ
"We often wondered if we would forever fell the physical and emotional pains of life. The Khalsa Clinic has been a body and soul healer for us. Our hearts warm up when we anticipate and experience a visit to Khalsa Healing.Arts Center" – A.A. & A. R., Doylestown, PA