The Khalsa Healing Arts - Planetary Holistic Healing & Teaching
The Khalsa Healing Arts Vision Statement
l. The PURPOSE of our center is to help you REACH YOUR OPTIMUM HEALTH and experience the GREATEST SENSE OF WELL-BEING POSSIBLE.
2. We will fully address your symptoms as a PATHWAY to GREATER UNDERSTANDING of your body’s needs.
3. Our attention will be upon CREATING a VITAL LEAP IN HEALTH, taking you to a new level of well-being and wholeness, so that you may experience the most joyful aspects of life.
4.  Realize that THIS IS A PROCESS.  Many times an immediate increase in energy and vitality will be experienced.  Other times it will happen gradually.
5. We are FOCUSING ON PREVENTION, VITALITY, AND ABUNDANT WELLNESS, so that you may feel an increase in quality of living now AND in the future.
We have been brought up in a health care model, which address our body/mind when there is sickness or death.  Here we focus on the successes of healthy living.
6. Please notice that at our center you will be REFERRED TO AS A PERSON RATHER THAN AS A “PATIENT”, a person who is actively striving to enhance your health in the greatest way possible, either through chiropractic care with Dr. Khalsa, or through one of the other holistic methods of healing. The old model created a doctor-patient relationship, where the patient (“sick) person) went to the doctor was given a medication to remove the problem.  Little responsibility or power was given to the person in handling their own health; or to the body’s innate wisdom, which does the healing.
Coming to the center and receiving a massage, chiropractic adjustment, acupuncture, or herbal nutrition will not be of any great benefit unless you begin to implement life-style changes in yourself.  One small change each day will create profound positive results.
8. Please feel free to ask questions and INQUIRE ABOUT YOUR GROWTH PROCESS.
9. WE WELCOME YOU to our center, which is a center for PERSONAL AND PLANETARY TRANSFORMATION as well as a center for health care; we look forward to a continued companionship in the nurturing of your health.