The Khalsa Healing Arts - Planetary Holistic Healing & Teaching
Vitamins & Supplements at Khalsa Healings Arts:
Activated Charcoal: great for increased acid, stomach upset, food poisoning etc.
Adrenal Support:  Helps maintain normal adrenal function.  Supports the body's ability to regulate stress.  Supports a healthy biological terrain.  Suppports the glandular and nervous systems.  Provides 250% or more of the daily value of thiamin, riboflavin, vitamin B6 and pantothenic acid.
ALJ:    Helps soothe irritated tissues.  Encourages the entire respiratory tract to gently cleanse itself.  Supports healthy lung function.  Assists the body in neutralizing allergens by nutritional means.  Provides effective respiratory system support. 
Bee Pollen:  May help boost energy and is a whole food.
Blood Sugar Formula:  Provides nutrients for optimal glandular and digestive functions.
BP-X:  Helps maintain healthy bowel function.  Supports digestion.  Assists normal liver and gallbladder function.  Strengthens the lymphatic system. 
Bronchial Formula:  Supports respiratory system.  Supports bronchial function.  Nourishes the lungs and bronchi.  Is a balancing formula to minimize respiratory irritation.
Calcium-Magnesium:  Aids in the maintence of teeth, bones, tendons and skin.  Supports the maintence of a balanced pH.  May offer benefits to the circulatory system.  Provides 25-50% of the daily value of Vitamin D, Calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc and copper per serving. Provides nutrients that support the structural system.
Capsicum:  Provides digestive and circulatory support.  May help improve overall circulation.  Contains 35,000-40,000 Scoville Heat Units.
Carbo Grabbers:  Helps reduce the coversion of some starches to calories.  May help reduce available calories.  Minimizes the need to entirely avoid certain favored foods.  Helps the body's efforts to maintain blood sugar levels already within the normal range. 
Chondroitin:  Supports the production of glycosaminoglycans and collagen-building blocks of healthy cartilage.  Helps attract fluid into the joints that acts as a sponge or shock absorber during impact.  May help increase joint flexibility and resiliency.  Aids in getting essential nutrients to the cartilage.  Helps protect cartilage from damaging, nutrition depleting enzymes.
Citrus Bioflavonoids: excellent combination of Vitamin C and Bioflavonoids for anti-oxidant support, immune function, decrease allergies, decrease inflammation
Colostrum Plus:  Accelerates healing.  Supports the immune system.  Increases the metabolism of fat.
Co Q-10:  Helps reduce oxidative stress in all cells throughout the body.  Supports the health of the heart, kidneys, liver and pancreas.  Promotes healthy cardiovascular function and general longevity.  Supports energy production.  Exhibits antioxidant and neuron-protective properties.  Supports already normal range blood pressure levels.  Provides 50 mg non-crystallizing, highly bioavailable co-enzyme Q10 per serving.
Combination Eight:
Coral Calcium:  Helps body offset acidity and maintain pH levels.  Provides essential calcium to help maintain strong bones and teeth.  Provides 325 mg calcium per serving.  Is sourced in an environmentally friendly way. 
C-X:  Supports the female glandular system.  May help support a feeling of well-being.
Vitamin D-3: Essential ingredient for so many bodily functions
DHA:  Supports and protects the nervous system.  Helps maintain blood lipid levels already within the normal range.  Is specially designed to support brain and eye health.  Provides circulatory system support. 
Enviro-Detox:  Nutritionally supports the body's five main detoxifying organs and helps cleanse the body.  Aids proper digestive function.  Contains friendly flora.
Everflex:  Promotes joint health and structural system function.  Helps lubricate joints.  May increase shock absorption in the joints.  Enhances flexibility.  May contribute to healthy cartilage. 
Female Comfort:  Supports the female reproductive system.  Aids in glandular system functions.  Provides nutritional support for menopausal women. 
Feverfew:  Supports the central nervous system.  Offers structural support for the body, particularly the joints.  Promotes the natural balance of prostaglandin levels. 
Flash-Ease: Balances hormone levels.  Provides glandular system support for women.  Contains phytoestrogens. 
Focus Attention Powder:  Provides important nutrients for normal brain stimulation levels.  Helps modulate brain activity and energy levels.  Supports the nervous system, nutritionally.  Encourages restful, balanced mental activity.  Supports blood circulation and neurotransmitters in the brain. 
Food Enzymes:  Supplements the body's production of important enzymes.  Provides a blend of enzymes to digest proteins, carbs and fats.  Provides hydrochloric acid and bile salts to help digest proteins and fats.  Helps prevent or relieve occasional indigestion. 
Gaba Plus:  Supports brain and nerve metabolism.  Normalizes nervous system function.  Promotes a greater sense of relaxation and peace. 
Ginger:  Nutritionally supports the digestive process.  Helps settle occasional stomach upset.  May help to prevent motion sickness.
Glucosamine:  Helps stimulate growth of cartilage.  Contains una de gato, for increased overall efficacy.  Supports the structural, nervous and immune systems.
Herbal Sleep:  Supports proper nervous system function.  Promotes restful sleep.  Provides soothing and calming properties. 
Hi-Lipase:  Supports the digestive system.  Aids the digestion of fat-containing foods.  Contains 240LU per serving.
Histablock:  Supports the body in times of respiratory distress.  Supports the body's efforts to maintain a healthy mucus membrane.  Supports free breathing and may help reduce unpleasant symptoms associated with irritants.
Hydrangea:  Supports the urinary system.  Possesses natural solvent qualities.
Immune Stimulator:  Strengthens the immune system.  Stimulates the body's natural immune defenses.  Acts as an antioxidant.
Intestinal Soothe  Build:  Supports the intestinal system.  Helps to ease and soothe a toxic bowel.  Provides nutrients that help cleanse the bowel.  Restores the bowel to a cleaner, healthier state. 
I-X:  Supports healthy circulatory function.  Provides trace amounts of iron from herbal sources.  May help improve the blood's ability to carry oxygen. 
Kava-Kava:  Supports the nervous system.  Helps muscles relax without dulling the senses.  Promotes relaxation, especially during occasional stress.  May promote more restful sleep.  Promotes feelings of well being.
Kelp:  Provides natural trace minerals, including iodine, for glandular support.  May help maintain levels of energy.  Supports proper metabolism. 
Kudzu/St. John's Wort:  Supports the nervous system.  May help the body under stress.  Provides 1 mg hypericin and 1 mg. daidzin per capsule. 
LBS II:   Supports the intestinal system.  Promotes normal bowel function.  Helps clear the bowels of toxic waste.  Works gently.  Encourages better digestion.  Supports proper waste elimination. 
Liquid Chlorpyll: great to alkalinize your blood, good for intestinal flora, great blood and liver cleanser.  The blood of the plant
Liver Balance:  Supports the hepatic, digestive and nervous systems.  Supports the liver cleansing function.  May help reduce stress and restore vigor.  Enhances digestion.  May increase feelings of well being. 
Lecithin:  Maintains all cell membrane structure.  Supports the nervous system.  Supports digestion and healthy circulatory system function. 
L-Lysine:  Supports the structural system.  Strengthens circulation.  Helps immune system.  Provides 474 mg l-lysine per capsule. 
Magnesium Complex:  Is highly bioavailable.  Is alkalizing.  Promotes musculoskeletal health.  Supports healthy biological terrain.  Supports  a healthy cardiovascular system especially during exercise.
Marshmallow:  Strengthens the mucous membranes as well as the respiratory system.  Eases gastrointestinal irritation.  May support the needs of irritated tissues, especially in the urinary tract.  Supports kidneys and bladder. 
Mind-Max:  Supports brain function, memory and concentration.
MSM:  Strengthens connective tissues.  Supports healthy joints.  Maintains structure of proteins.
Men's Formula:  Provides nutritional support for the prostate gland and the entire male glandular system.  Contains antioxidant  lycopene, which studies suggest may have a beneficial effect on prostate health.  Provides 100% of the daily value of zinc.
Papaya Mint:  Helps enhance the digestion of proteins.  Encourages the production of  digestive fluids.  Sweetens the breath.
Para-Cleanse:  10 day cleanse.  Provides natural, gentle, effective nutrients.  Creates unfriendly environment for parasites.
Pau D'Arco:  Strengthens the immune system.  Supports the blood.  Helps the body replenish vital elements.  Improves appetite.  Fortifies the body against viruses and germs.  Assists the detoxification process.
Perfect Eyes:  Supports total eye health.  Fights free radical damage.  Provides antioxidant protection for aging eyes.  Supports the health of the macular region of the eye.
Phyto-Soy:  Helps maintain balance important in hormone levels.  Supports the circulatory system in maintaining cholesterol levels already in the normal range.
Combination Potassium:  Helps generate energy.  Helps maintain balance of body fluids.  Drives excess sodium out of the body.  Supports kidney function.  Provides essential nutrients for muscles like the heart.  Promotes proper nerve transmission.  Activates cellular cleansing.
Pro-G Yam Cream:  Supplements the body's natural level progesterone to help balance hormone levels.  Provides needed glandular system support while also supporting the nervous and structural systems.  Helps fight damaging free radicals.  Soothes and softens the skin. 
Red Raspberry:   Supports the female glandular system in variety of ways.  Promotes balance throughout the digestive tract.  Helps strengthen the uterus.
Sarsaparilla:  Supports the glandular system.  Provides nutrients for circulatory and liver health. 
Saw Palmetto:  Supports the glandular system.  Supports prostate gland health.  Provides hormone balance, especially for men over 40.  Boosts immunity. 
Red Yeast Rice:   Helps the body maintain cholesterol levels already in normal range.  Supports the production of HDL (good)  cholesterol in the liver.
Sam-E:  Enhances mood.  Supports joints.  Promotes longevity by aiding the regeneration of new cells.  Facilitates muscle/nerve harmony. Supports liver health and repair. 
Silver Shield:  Provides more powerful support to the immune system.  Uses only teh finest particle-size colloids to ensure maximum bioavailability and efficiency.  Is completely non-toxic; no heavy metal contamination.  Acts as an EPA-approved surface disinfectant.
Spirulina:  Rich source of vitamins and minerals.  Provides natually occurring chlorophyll.
Stevia: great source of sugar....low glycemic index
Sugar Reg:  Supports normal range blood sugar levels.  Activates cell glucose transporters.  Supports liver and aids digestion. 
Super Algae:  Helps build the blood and strengthen the immune system.  Provides the body with a pure source of chlorophyll and natural protein.  Rich in essential minerals and B vitamins, including B12 and beta-carotene.  Contains all nine of the of the amino acids that the body can not produce (called essential amino acids) which are required for building and toning tissues, enzymes, hormone and bones. 
THIM-J:    Supports Thymus Gland Function and Response.  Contains antioxidants to neutralize free radicals.  Activates T-cells; supports immune function.
Ultimate Greenzone:   Is gluten-free.  Enhances bodily functions, especially elimination.  Improves overall immunity.  Helps the body normalize cholesterol levels.  Provides a meal that is easily absorbed and metabolized into energy.  Contains a full array of nutrients the body needs from grains.  Is pH-balancing. 
UVA-URSI:  Supports the urinary system.
VS-C:  Supports the immune system.  Fights off biological stressors.  Nourishes the liver. 
Wild Yam:  Supports the female glandular system.  Helps relieve symptoms of menopause. 
Zinc:  Very important trace mineral for overall health.  Supports the immune system.  May help shorten the duration of colds.